Visiting the City with the eyes of a tourist and the knowledge of a local
220+ places

among which attractions, legends, restaurants, spots and more
90 images

to give you the clearest idea of what to expect
100 pages

of uniqe and easy to navigate content
Krakow Travel Secrets was created in response to the growing need of a complete guide, putting together the most important historical facts, basic information, practical advises, hands on tips and more, all from the point of view of a local, a tourist and a professional travel guide in Krakow.

The guide describes more than 220 personally checked attractions, legends, historical facts, natural gems, events, sport friendly places, practical and ethical "how to" tips, best photo sceneries.

It reviews restaurants, cafes, burger joints, pizza places, pubs, ice cream shops, local and handmade shops, , latest locals favourite spots and more secrets (known mostly only to professionals and few locals) regarding the royal city of Krakow.
"Krakow was not build in one day" but it was worth the wait.
What will you receive by buying the guide
  • Eco-friendly and easy to carry around content
  • 100 easy to browse pages described by a local, experienced tourist and professional point of view at the same time
  • more than 230 spots reviewed and ranked carefully to choose from (no trouble picking even at the last moment)
  • Historic and cultural facts, no need to do research on your own!
  • Local legends and unusual situations not described in most guides
  • Restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, and more - all reviewed and ranked
  • Useful tips on how to move, what to buy, what to avoid in the City, without sugarcoating and ads!
  • Additional assistance for those of you who have more questions or need more tips
  • Discount on presets in case you would like to share your memories on social media!
About The Author
As a kid with not much to do, I loved to watch groups of reporters travelling and sharing their work in dedicated tv series. Not having internet as soon as other children, I would buy books about natural wonders and travel guides and use them during my summer break to organize imaginary trips for groups of 20. When High School ended, I figured out I wanted to study tourism so I moved back to Poland but to a completely new city, Krakow. I started as a tourist, discovering the history and getting to know the society. After years of studying tourism and the city, working in and outside the Tourism sector and living in Krakow, I began to call this city mine, able to help friends, tourists and travellers move around and visit it. To me travelling is, in a world spinning faster and faster, a way to keep us close to the ideas of respect, knowledge, humbleness, dedication and sometimes pure optimism.
Author - Sylwia Baran
Editor - Gianluca Fiore
Design and Photography - Sylwia Baran

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